Gregory Holm and Matthew Radune

We’re in a recession.  Duh.  As a twentysexy Brooklynite working as a server I don’t experience a lot of the shaking effects of this economic downturn.  But I am aware of the collapse of the housing market, the snowballing foreclosures and the freezing out of loan requests.  To give a physical presence to this monetary catastrophe, photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune teamed up to make a very pun intended work, the Ice House.  Using an abandoned building in the dead zone of Detroit, a city decimated by the burst of the housing bubble, they spent several days this past winter hosing it with water in freezing conditions.  The effect is hard to miss; a home that will never be sold, frozen in the market, abandoned and forgotten to the rising slums.  Pretty great idea, easy to execute and with a very strong visual impact.  Once the house melts it will be demolished by recycling crews who will reuse the material for projects around the city, then the site will be donated as a community garden.  Wonderful idea and a wonderful way to raise awareness that some areas aren’t bouncing back as quickly as we’re told.

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