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2010 Greener Gadgets Design Competition | ColorMute

2010 Greener Gadgets Design Competition

This years Greener Gadgets Design Competition has had some fantastic entries, truly novel ways of producing energy to help promote our on the go, at our finger tips, selfish-me-me-me lifestyle while reducing our planet killing guilt.  No offense, I want to be able to charge my iphone and Macbook regardless of where I am, I just think it’s sort of funny that all of the highest rated designs cater to this.  Check out my favorites after the jump.

InCharge Battery Station – Can’t get off the couch to change the channel when your remote’s battery dies and no Wii remote is within reach to pilfer?  The InCharge is a rechargeable battery station, it charges AAA, AA, C and D sized batteries, one on each side of it’s tier.  The Station is self sorting, just toss your expired battery in the top and it rolls to it’s appointed side to begin charging.  The station monitors the batteries charging and when they are finished it stops flowing energy to that battery and focus’ on the ones still low.  No more throwing away dozens of batteries a year, simply swap as you need.

EmPower – Taking the simple rhythmic action of a rocking chair and harnessing all of that wasted energy for something more useful, like charging a Zune.  With each swing two docking stations charge internal batteries and offer standard wall outlets as well as USB ports for those on either side of the rocker.  Foldable, portable, and really useful in settings like airports or…. airports.

RollerGen – I really like this one for obvious reasons, though I would probably never put it on my bike I can see this being useful for many others.  Working in a very similar fashion to previous onboard bike chargers for headlights, the RollerGen is a full rear rack system incorporating a generator powered by the rear wheel and an underboard storage bag which holds the portable battery.  A simple cross town trek can power the battery enough to charge your phone (via USB) or any other portable device.  I like this one for it’s practicality, the battery is fully charged after a 30 minute ride and during difficult up hill ascents the generator can be folded up and off the wheel so the extra resistance won’t kill you.

Go Mechanical Charger – This year’s obvious winner and for a good reason, the portable charger can charge phones while in use and with a plethora of adapters could be used for any phone on the market.  In many parts of the world cell phones are the only form of communication and in further 3rd world areas a suitable power source isn’t available throughout the day.  The Go Mechanical Charger (the only contestant not “hip” enough to shorten and combine its name) charges in two ways.  The outer rim of the ergonomic device is a rubbered wheel able to be held in one hand and rolled across a surface or your leg to charge the phone while your other hand operates the device.  Or for a deeper, more powerful charge, a tab flips out for winding when the phone is not in use.  Simple, compact, and plastic, this device could be used to provide on site charging for cell phone users (essentially the populace of the world) everywhere.

Good luck to all participants, sadly public voting is closed but the panel winner will be announced this Wednesday, the 24th, at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in New York City at 6 PM.

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