Google Art Project

Did you know about this!?  Google just launched their Art Project, an interactive program which is essentially the museum equivalent of google maps street view.   Now you can tour museums all over the world from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop.  The touring function is still a bit jerky and plays like walking through Myst, but the zoom function, information keys and high resolution photos of the entire displayed collection is incredible!  I just walked through the MoMA and the Tate in the span of 10 minutes, incredible.  Right now only 17 museums/galleries/collections are available but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before more international icons are uploaded.  I’m not sure how often the walk throughs will be updated or if it only pertains to the permanent collection, but as a new addition to the Google Empire it really is quite a novel way to peruse your favorite period or floor of art.  Try it here.

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