Gerco de Ruijter

Most people probably find landscape photography a bit boring, sure the Earth is a pretty incredible place and managed to create life out of nothing, but who cares about some mountain on a misty Autumn morning?  Never planning to be a landscape photographer, Gerco de Ruijter began shooting his aerial photos of the surrounding Dutch countryside when he was an art student looking to give an abstract realism to the grainy, structured paintings he was making at the time.  He realized that by attaching a camera to a kite and flying it over a pre-chosen site he could pull away from the known imagery and reduce it to a series of repeating colors and shapes.   But soon while looking through the black and white negatives these flights were producing, Ruijter found that the perspective of his camera was turning natural landscape into something elementally different.  His work has grown considerably since those first few maiden flights and now his color photographs display vivid patterns and imposed structure on natural forms.  His latest series, titled Baumschule, focus’ on the patchwork element of man made structures combining with and controlling natural growth.  He still uses a kite, though for lower more stable shots he uses a long fishing rod or even a remote controlled blimp.  Beautiful series that takes on the same obsession as the new following Google Earth has unleashed by studying the planet from a omniscent perspective, allowing us to remove one further wall of perception.

via Public School
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