Most of the furniture in my apartment is hand me downs from my grandma, she relocated to a nursing home last year and told me I could have what I wanted from her lifes collection of goods.  Needless to say, I had a field day, and now am the proud owner of a wide collection of rural rustic hand made pieces which have lasted the last 60 years and are sure to last 60 more.  As necessary as cheap quick assembly furniture is in our hustle and bustle life style, Ikea isn’t made to last.  It’s got two moves in it at best, then it splinters at the seams.  Furniturea, a company based in Portland, Maine, makes hand made, one at a time crafted furniture employing a rural modern style.  Drawing inspiration from the slanted farm house roofs, 19th century shaker cabinets, Adirondack camp-style shutterback recliners, and the irregular outlines and striking angles of New England’s slatwood barns made from local, disparate elements and old timber.  Furniturea takes all of these elements and using sustainable, local wood crafts beautiful, bold pieces which reminisce of your grandma’s bureau while knocking your eyes out with a technicolor of choices.

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