Frederique Morrel

This is how God would have decorated his creations had he paid more attention during the Baroque period… or perhaps the late 80′s.  Continuing down the trend of taxidermy art comes these pop explosions from Frederique Morrel.  The masterminds behind these well knit quadrupeds are artists in love, Frederique Morrel and Aaron Levin.  Each piece is custom cast in resin before being fit together, filled with foam then stitched hand over hand with found, antique embroidery.  Each arrangement is incredible, decorating the creatures of the forest with brocades of flowers, children in play and heirloom portraiture.  The recovered collages with brocket form are playfully bright; a rose colored vision of the past where the upper class strolled through manicured gardens before running down a buck with an army of hounds.   Yet these one of a kind creations are forgiving, as if each creature shed it’s life and it’s hide in exchange for a cardigan palimpsest of human nature, joining our history with their own.  In such they’ve produced a stunning collection of beasts, busts and forms; check out my favorite after the jump.

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