Erik Johansson

The other day I heard a 6 six year old boy say to his mom, “…and that’s only the latest feature I’ve learned to do on my iPad 2.”  HIS IPAD 2!  Kids today are so remarkably talented with technology that it spins my head.  Case and point I’m loving these amazing and creative Photoshop jobs by Swedish native, Erik Johansson.  A young man himself currently finishing up his Masters, his imagery is bursting with imagination, both blunt and riddled in metaphor as well as fairy tale inspired.  Each shot focus’ on a direct emotion, breaking down people into simple reflex… or a melting ice cream bar.  Also his photo manipulation explores the world of the impossible.  He draws heavily for M.C. Escher as well as many surrealist themes.  His images display people (many times himself) as they feel and not necessarily as how they are.  Sometimes we do wish we could just shatter ourselves against the floor.

via The Independent
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    • October 11th, 2011

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