Eric Daigh

I know this picture looks terribly pixelated, almost like its been photoshopped with a filter.  But this is actually a large scale portrait done by Eric Daigh composed entirely of push pins.

Daigh revels in the pixelation of his work; you can zoom to a single pin head as if viewing the image under a microscope then slowly pan out, collecting colored molecules together until an image begins to form, at first landscape, then strangely animal, and finally an aerial portrait of a face staring vaguely back at you like a perfect atom.

Daigh looks at his portraits as pictoral DNA, mapping out the human code with the recurring colors of pushpins; red, yellow, white, black and blue.  Blurring the idea of identity by making the sum of the parts the focus instead of the whole.  We are composed of thousands of individual cells but are seen only as our single, individual self.  Daigh celebrates our molecules, our tiny parts and pieces, using the commonness of a human face and a push pin to display the complexities of our bodies.

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