Emma Hack

Emma Hack specializes in skin illustration, an art form which I still find remarkable for it’s difficulty and gorgeous transformation of the human body into something chameleon and alien.  Her latest body of photographic work focus’ on Mandalas, a spiritual circle highlighted by buddhists and normally the focal part of Tibetan sand art.  Mandalas are used to express the circular nature of life, representing the universe and all that is around us tying to the centric point of we, humanity, at the middle.  Check out pieces from her recent “Native Mandalas” and “Exotic Mandalas” after the jump.

In her series “Native Mandalas”, Emma pairs her models with the native wildlife of Australia.  The swirling and intrinsic patterns overlaid her models draw the eye in a circular pattern charging the featured animals to stand out with the model secondary to the piece.

Mandalas are revered as spiritual illustrations in Buddhism and Hinduism, Hack’s modern reinterpretation focus on the spirit of the animal.  Cradled by humanity, unknowingly dependent on our whims, yet still a living being who is existing alongside of us deserved of attention.  The model blends in the natural background, like a hunter in camo, holding both our species intertwined futures in our hands though she doesn’t see it.

In her “Exotic Mandalas” Hack’s muses are adorned in elements and illustrations of the natural world, their bodies engulfed a ring of nature.  This series returns mysticism to the human, our bodies part of the sweeping patterns of branches, butterflies and birds.  Hack’s two series pronounce our interaction with the universe about us, how as a specie we are unique enough to stand out pronounced amongst the backdrop of the world, but she doesn’t let us get too far ahead of ourselves. “Natural Mandalas” takes on the Peter Parker tone that, “with great power, comes great responsibilty,”  we must remember that our god-like fascination with ourselves affects all living things close at hand.  While the rest of the universe couldn’t care less what we do.

Check out this gorgeous video detailing the incredibly lengthy process Hack must go through to achieve each of these shots (and with an amazing amount of nudity for youtube).

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