El niño de las Pinturas

Or, The Kid in the Pictures (or sex, or raul, as he is also known) is a graffiti artist in Granada, Spain where his work changes the landscape of the entire city.  Many view graffiti as a nuisance, an eyesore and public defamation, but in Granada the work of El Nino is regarded as cultural art.  His compositions speak of the life in Granada, he incorporates arabic lettering and phrases tipping his hat to the multi-lingual past of the city.  His work encompasses entire building sides several stories tall, he employs depth and shading that astound when put into perspective of how quickly he must “install” his portraits since his work is still considered illegal.  In my mind he is one of the greats, not simply defacing or reacting to his environment but celebrating it in all of its gross deformities, eroticisms and triumphs.

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