Eastern Eggs

I’d like to think that most people have their hearts in the right place and would help a person in need if the opportunity presented itself.  But everytime a crisis occurs somewhere in the world and charity organizations send out their pleas for help, I know even I drag my heels when it comes to donating.  But check this out!  Eastern Eggs, is based in the UK and each artist rendered egg costs £10 (about $16), £8 of which goes to the Red Cross Japan Relief Fund, the other £2 goes towards materials and shipping.  A slew of talented hands have donated their pens to designing some great imagery for fund.  The eggs are made to order by the egg-bot, each egg is unique with it’s own grain patterns and bleeding ink mistakes.  Totally buying one, great idea for a great cause.

Eastern Eggs from TBWALondon on Vimeo.

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