Dindi Van Der Hoek

Seeming like a scene from a Terry Gilliam film, the above photo evokes a fairytale impossibility.  The colors too rich and distorted, the bodies slowly writing into the ether as if under spell.  These are the masterpieces of underwater photographer Dindi Van Der Hoek.  Yes, they’re photos, though at first glance I would swear they were oil paintings.  Van Der Hoek carefully crafts each “set” and even sews the costumes she clothes her models in before submerging them to the appropriate level.  The rippling plain of the waters surface provides her with a mystical duality, at once reflecting and warping the image.  Inspired by historical figures, Ven Der Hoek’s latest series works to emulate the contradictions of some of histories most fabled characters who despite their achievements were also plagued by human selfishness and lude tendencies.  The water acts as Van Der Hoek’s Doppelganger, providing her with an unfathomed peek into our “inner demons.”  I think her work is stunning, masterfully exploiting one of Earth’s most important properties in a way I would never have imagined.

via Beautiful Decay
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