Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Collaborating with D&A Lab, Dimitry Vangrunderbeek has designed this stunning cabinet decorated by a microcosm of pop-out pedestrians.

Created from thin sheets of steel, the remarkably detailed cutouts of people are laser cut then folded back.  The figures are a repeating pattern of 12 photos taken from Eadweard (look at all those extra vowels!!) Muybridge‘s photographic sequence studying the form of man in motion.  These cutout recreations retain Muybridge’s flipbook style motion, giving the cabinet the bustle of a miniature avenue.

By retaining the removed section of steel the cabinet, Vangrunderbeek adds a further dimension of shadow to each figure providing additional depth and motion.  Though not the most functional cabinet, it’s absolutely a one of a kind piece and stunning enough to spend hours investigating.

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