Debra Folz

My generation was one of the first to have our childhoods fully recorded on film and VHS, preserving our personal history in silicate and moving image.  Nowadays my nieces and nephews have their photos taken almost daily, on select holidays they may have several hundred photos of them taken.  Pictures aren’t worth what they used to be, without a film exposure limit they’re too easy to come by and far too easy to instantly delete when they don’t come out the way we hoped they would.  Debra Folz’s new take on an old tradition brings the photo album into the 21st century.  No more fake gold leaf trims and pencilled in margins annotating date and place, her collection titled, “The Whole Story,” combines traditional bookbinding techniques with contemporary engineering.  Each album has a reinforced front and rear cover which supports the self standing album on an angle; displaying it off the shelf and amongst our lives, co-mingling memories with present day.  Each has a removable spine which allows the album to be viewed a page at a time or expanded to display the entire chronology in a single gaze.  Really fun and non-traditional approach to an almost forgotten idea.  $180 available through her site.

via Design Spotter
    • Rose
    • May 2nd, 2016


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