David Yoon

Tired of red lights spread across 8 lanes of interstate traffic?  Daily smog warnings?  A nations worth of bumper to bumper heckling?  I know LA is.  David Yoon has sought to sooth the West coasts wounds with a little bit of Photoshop magic.  Taking pictures of the same stretch of street or intersection from different vantage points and then ingeniously masking them together he erases lane upon cursed lane of highway traffic reducing the vast boulevards of California to intimate one way streets, bus lanes or pedestrian only traffic.

It’s amazing how cropping out a few lanes of black top allows a bustling city street to appear like a neighborhood side street, at once approachable and a little less like real life frogger.  Yoon’s fantasy depictions of LA have received acclaim throughout the city with a steady stream of requests from locals asking him to “narrow” their streets.  The photos effects are amazing with their simplicity, you recognize the street but it’s absolutely transformed and truly for the better.  Take that rush hour traffic, when Yoon is finished not even the carpool lane will remain.

Check out all his narrowed streets here, more are sure to come.

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