David Maisel

I’m still not sure what I want to happen to my body after I pass on and I don’t really think this blog is the place for an open forum of consideration.  But David Maisel’s incredible photographic collection entitled, “Library of Dust,” is a massive catalogue of the dead, stored, and forgotten.  By some rare artistry Maisel gained access to the crumbling grounds of Oregon State Mental Hospital and discovered/rescued nearly 3,500 copper canisters containing the cremated remains of unclaimed patients from 1883 – 1970.  Each canister is as original and unique as the person held tightly within due to years of rust and chemical reactions.  Left to themselves the cans bloomed and patina’d  in their own ways, oxidizing along the lead linings and devouring each dented imperfection.  The results are beautiful, azural minerals and tarnished umber breathing life into the remains of the dead.  Each personalized combination of carbon and ash fueling creation in it’s own cyclical way.  This is one way I’d like to be remembered, better then being stored underground.  Check out my favorites after the jump.

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