Daniel Kukla

I have deep issues with zoos.  I love animals, don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by their innate behaviors and interactions.  But viewing them in a setting like a zoo is in no way telling of their true selves.  It’s a fancy cage which is supposed to reassure us that these animals on display are too dumb to realize that this isn’t natural and that they are being held captive.  Sure.  Daniel Kukla has beef with zoos too and his photo series titled, “Captive Landscapes,” documents enclosures in 8 zoos nationwide in an attempt to flash the mirror back upon ourselves and our fascination with capturing, controlling and playing voyeur with the natural world.  His photos display the bleak, surreal reality which we’ve created in order to fool the animals into believing they are at home.  Yet really we are trying to fool ourselves with poorly painted and lit backdrops into finding a connection with not only the animals, but a more primal surrounding.  We want to see behind the curtain of our sterile and isolated man made environment, but all zoos behold is the cruel joke of friendly imprisonment, perhaps there is a lingering parallel between animals and ourselves?

via Beautiful Decay
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