Porcelain serving and platter ware has a long standing history with China, thus why we call it for the most part, china.  For centuries Europe tried to imitate the beautiful tradition of the East’s fragile crockery, then in a predictable turn of events the East began copying Europe’s parroting of their originals.  Back and forth to what avail?  Well, just you look and see.

French company, CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio, began studying what elements defined Eastern or European porcelain wear by purchasing antique versions of either style.  Then, if you can guess where this is going, cut them in half and fused the mismatched halves together creating ceramiX.  It’s quite tongue in cheek and all the more cheeky to boot.  CeramiX pokes fun at the roundabout origins of both styles, one copying the other and the other in turn copying them right back.  It’s absurd, but then again so is this modern mashup of dining ware.  I quite like it, it’s visually jarring and the perimeters don’t sync; it’s chaotic dinner service at it’s finest.

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