Claire Oswalt

I get kinda weirded out by antique dolls, especially old puppets and marionettes.  Something about transferring a human identity into a small wooden toy that appears more serial killer than cute and cuddly and tucking it into bed with a child doesn’t sit right with me.  I guess puppets in general I just find unsettling to lay a broad generalization.  But these remarkable life size pieces by fellow Brooklynite, Claire Oswalt, change my whole perspective on anthropomorphism.  Working on a true to life scale, her massive mixed media sculptures are built from a machined wood then jointed and layered with illustrated paper.  In essence she’s created life size paper dolls able to be moved about and interact with each other.  The message is striking, her hollowed 2D creations portray a flat life of despondency, strife and struggle.  They wrestle with each other, fighting for love or attention, a planed reflection of our own static puppeteen lives.

via The Fox is Black

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