Chishen Shiu

Taiwanese designer, Chishen Shiu, one day stumbled upon a suburban factory which produces honeycombed sheets of recycled paper and like Archimedes leaping from the tub naked, was struck by a lightning bolt idea.

The loveseat acts like an accordion, when fully compressed it measures a width of just under a foot.  When fully expanded it can seat 16 people comfortably, how about that!!  With it’s unique honeycomb design it has complete flexibility while still being ridged enough to support ample weight even when fully drawn out.  No more folding chairs holding court in your home awaiting guests who rarely visit, this thing stows under a table when not in use and when needed can act as a wall length sofa.

It twists, it bends, get creative with it.  Made from completely recycled cardboard, it’s environmentally friendly.  Super novel idea.  I love how he completely embraces it’s origin and doesn’t work to hide the cardboard, sustainable and modern. Perfect.

    • Alice Lin
    • March 9th, 2011

    HI Im fann of your design? Where do you produce this, i wanna have the excluvity for my contry pls contact me ! Very good opportunity !

  1. dove posso comprare questo oggetto ?

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