I love tape as a medium in graffiti, I think Brooklyn artist Aakash Nihalini does it really well but for the last two days I’ve just been oogling over BUFF Diss’s flickr page.  From Melbourne, Australia, BUFF Diss works almost entirely in masking tape with a continuing theme of hands interacting with the surrounding environment.  Though masking tape (and even watercolor paint now apparently?) are considered illegal apparatus by NYC police, apparently Diss enjoys a fair amount of legal leeway in Australia where police are baffled when he demonstrates how the tape is easily removed and leaves no lasting trace of installation.  Bravo.  By working in such a non-traditional instrument to create his pieces, Diss is able to work in crowded areas without appearing to be vandalizing, instead he enjoys the questions and comments he receives while working.  I always enjoy seeing the new directions graffiti can take street art, and BUFF Diss is an incredibly original vein in his own right.

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