This simply deserves mention, I mean, beer inside rodents?  Scottish master brewers, BrewDog, have created what they claim is the strongest beer ever at 55% ABV.  That is like drinking an entire 12 pack in a single beer.  The beer is called, “The End of the World,” in homage to Fukuyama’s book of the same title which catalogues the development of man in terms of the development of government, finally ending as he sees it in the creation of the Western democratic state and there for the end of the world and man.  BrewDog only created 10 bottles of this near nuclear substance and encased each in either a taxidermied grey squirrel or a stoat.  There’s a video sort of pretending a backlog reason why, but the bottom line is you get the world’s strongest beer encapsulated inside the body of an animal, and from a marketing standpoint I don’t think anything of comparison has ever been done like this before.  Pretty incredible, sadly, at 500 Euro’s a pop, they’re all already sold out.  Guess I won’t get to hug a squirrel close while sucking alcohol out of it’s mouth?  Check out the rest of their incredibly potent beer here, still have a 41% available called, “Sink the Bismark.”

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