I’ve heard more horror stories of cracked Macbook screens than I’d care to reiterate while typing on my own personal Macbook Pro beauty.  I’m lucky enough that my backpack has a built in protective sleeve for transporting her on the go.  But for those of you too fashionable to stick her in a padded USPS envelope for her own good, heres BookBook.  Designed by Twelve South, BookBook instantly gives you a scholarly air disguising your MacBook Death Insurance Case within a distressed hardback vintage book.  A modern classic of ingenuity.

BookBook protects your cherished laptop in 3 ways -

  • Its hardback sides with reinforced corners protect from impacts encountered on your daily commute.
  • The vintage designed spine provide crush protection.
  • BookBook disguises your MacBook Pro from being seen. Safely stowed inside, your MacBook Pro looks like a vintage book left on a desk or table, reducing the odds of someone stealing it.

When closed the leather zipper pulls appear as bookmarks while the zipper itself is easily disguised to blend with the faux bound set of pages.

With the market for Macbook slips and covers primarily focused on adding an edgier look to your already distinct status symbol, BookBook takes a step towards the origin of the typed word and gives your modern day typewriter an air of class.  Hand made so no two are alike, part disguise, all protection, BookBook is a great (and useful) addition to your portable everything.  Available here for any size Macbook Pro in either red or black binding.

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