Bigert & Bergström

Artistic partnership, Lars Bergström and Mats Bigert’s latest work titled, “Mikrocosmos,” consists of 3 suspended groups of globes composed of 360° images illuminated from within.  Each collection resembles a space station abstractly mapping out a fantasized interior/exterior realm.  Really quite gorgeous, check out close ups after the jump.

Each photo orb looks wonderfully abstracted through the fish eyed, 360º lens.  It’s almost like having God Goggles on as you inspect each delicate world; with a single look your able to see around walls, across the street and into the back yard while simultaneously scanning the same area from 300 ft. in the air.  Each string of pearls world unerringly exposed, like a jigsaw puzzle chaotically rearranged by your niece then turned into a Calder mobile.

I don’t think these works could be better executed, I really could spend hours staring at each cluster as they slowly orbited about.  They remind me of David Bowie’s memory balls from Labyrinth, a miniature life in each globe.  Tiny collections of our world juxtaposed together, beautifully detailing our surroundings in a way we could never otherwise witness them.

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