Angela Singer

Taxidermy to me has always been an odd art form, the recreation of living animals as inanimate objects using their hide, horns and hooves as materials.  Contemporary artists are increasingly taking this backwater craft and turning it into a modern abstract menagerie.

Angela Singer, rescues dead animals.  Her work is entirely composed of mixed media adorned, reclaimed taxidermy.  Her early pieces focused on highlighting the act of death, using the animals as vessels of murder and decorating them as mutilated corpses.  Highly effective, but I prefer what she has moved on towards; decorating these preserved corpses as vessels of nature.  Her animals are spirits of the forest, cloaked in bouquets of flowers, a mobile hedge scurrying about on all fours.  She compliments flora with fauna, trying the two together in a way I’ve never imagined even after watching most of Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

I’ve seen photos of turtles growing seaweed on their shells as an unintentional addition to camouflage.  But Singer’s birds are gorgeous, decorated in a way nature could never mimic, merging feather and flower.  I’m excited to see what new methods reclaimed taxidermy develops as this object of art picks up more practice.

    • damian
    • March 30th, 2011

    New art work posted on the Angela Singer facebook page

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