Andy Vogt

Inherently people enjoy destruction, whether watching a building be brought down by a wrecking crew or boxers in a ring pummel each others faces in.  It’s an exciting break from the rigid conforms of society, a touch of the anarchistic, a reveal behind the mask of normalcy.  I like to think that’s a bit of the thought process that goes into Andy Vogt’s work.  He works in found, reclaimed wood; creating pieces that highlight the decay of structures that could be hidden within the walls of our own home.  Here the slat boards and struts steal the show, no gimmicky dry wall cover up, but shattered and mismatched angular supports striking off against one another.  Vogt revels in decay, he allows his work to press out from the walls and expose itself shamelessly, no longer forgotten or worthless but naked and beautiful.  It’s sad, beautiful, sadistic, and reminds us to think of what else we keep hidden yet rely on unknowingly.

via All The Mountains
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