Alexandre Farto

Graffiti normally entails the addition of an artistic element to a public area in order to convey message, create a focal point or add a touch of beauty to a normally unobtrusive structure.  Alexandre Farto’s approach turns this basic idea on it’s head by instead choosing to subtract from the surrounding environment in order to allow his work to emerge from within the very walls.  Meticulously scraping, peeling and chiseling each feature, Farto unsheathes each portraiture from beneath the crumbling plaster, working in a reverse stencil on the underlying brick.  The result is captivating, each work representative of a modern sculpture.  Much like Michalangelo spoke of his work, “I saw an angel in the block of marble and I just chiseled till I set him free,” Farto looses each person upon the city below, exposing the very soul of the building.

via A Design Mafia
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