Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Tend to travel a lot? Have trouble staying in touch with friends and family?  Just need a reminder that there are people out there who might not leave messages on your facebook wall but actually care about you more than a social media platform promises you they do? Global tinkerer, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is working on a way to create a tangible reminder that they’re still out there and with a little luck, thinking of you.  The Good Night Lamp.

The set consists of one “host” lamp and 2-3 satellite lamps.  The concept is remarkably easy, when you turn on the host lamp it wirelessly notifies the satellite lamps and they simultaneously turn on as well.  Why?  The idea is to give the small wireless LED lamps to loved ones so that when you are home, when you go to sleep, when you go out, they’ll have a little piece of you reminding them that though you might not be there with them, you’re still there regardless.  Sort of like a lover who keeps the candle lit mentality.

I think it’s a cute idea, I tend to move around a lot and don’t see my family as often as I should, if they had a little lamp on their nightstand warmly glowing it sort of reaffirms that I’m doing alright.  Also, they might hate it because I stay up much later than they do, but still, it’s the thought that counts.

I like the demonstration of having multiple lamps, in this advanced world of connectivity this is a more personal and physical way to not exactly keep in touch with your friends, but keep their memory alive.  No plans yet for production, but hopefully someone will pick this up, I’d really like to buy a set, not sure who I’d give them all to though…

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