Alex Randall

I love creative lighting, and what could compliment a burning incadescent bulb better then some stuffed dead animals?  I tell you, I’m crazy about taxidermy right now and I’m loving Alex Randall’s gorgeous luminary creations for Bespoke Lighting.  While critics may find some of her work revolting (she does have a lamp made out of a mound of rats scurrying towards a glowing globe), Randall defends that taxidermy is the loving art of preservation, and I agree with her.  Her grouped work is beautiful, I can’t imagine having a chandelier composed of a flock of pigeons carrying strands of bulbs arched above my living room.  It’d be magnificent.  Or a wall assorted with climbing squirrels hoarding away 30 watt candelabra’s for the winter.  It’s simple, bare bulbs and beaks, but her positioning and care really make it magical.

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