I live in Brooklyn where I ride bikes and sing songs.  I graduated middle of my class from Penn State with a degree in creative writing.  I like to be inspired and know how hard that can be so that’s what ColorMute is all about; finding daily inspiration in creative art and design from around the world.

Questions, comments, content submission?  An inspired limerick or a koan to ponder, send it on down.




  1. Hi, chris, ive recently come across your site via another artist i know “matthew deleget”, i just thought i would forward some images onto you of some recent work, the link above is not to my prsonel website but to artstack.com, also the same images are also on my facebook pages, and various other websites on the net and gallery sites, ,feel free to share some of my images on yoursite if you want, all the best, Russell.

    If you want to post some images and want a bit more infojust send me email, thanks

  2. Hey There!

    Love your site. Amazing art on here, thanks for sharing.

    You are invited to tour my site and see if anything inspires you. Particular favorites are the migration, color vibration and spider web series, but I have lots of installation, design and film work, too.

    ~Amy Hannum

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